Couple seen alive for the last time in bar where they warned friends of a ‘creeper’

The couple had laughed and chatted with friends and told them of a “creep” at a campsite near where they were staying, just hours before they died

A couple found dead in a camping ground was captured for the last time laughing and chatting in surveillance footage from a bar the night before their disappearance.

Kylen Schulte, 24, and Crystal Turner, 38, were shot dead in the La Sal mountain range in Utah, US, on Wednesday.

Their deaths came not long after the pair told friends they had encountered a “creep” at a campsite where they were staying.

Surveillance footage from the local bar, which was obtained and published by The Daily Beast, shows the couple laughing and chatting with friends on the night of August 13, just hours before they died.

Kayla Borza, a friend of the couple, told the news outlet the pair had been having a great time, having a couple of drinks at the bar.

The only thing that seemed amiss was that they had mentioned a “creep” had been staying next to them.

The couple, who were avid campers and lived in their van, had only been married for four months before their untimely deaths.

Despite the reports of a shady character nearby, cops have not yet arrested anyone in their deaths.

Schulte and Turner failed to turn up for work two days in a row, prompting family and friends to start searching for the couple when it became clear they had not been seen since their last night at the bar.

On August 17, Schulte’s dad Sean-Paul took to social media to post an appeal about the womens’ disappearance, pleading for help to track them down.

The bodies were found a day later, having been found shot to death off a scenic road that runs through a national forest.

According to a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, investigators were treating their deaths as a homicide investigation.

“We do think it was an outside party,” Sheriff Steven White told KUTV.

“There has not been any firearms recovered from that area at this time.”

Meanwhile, family members have paid tribute to the murdered couple.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Kylen’s father, Sean-Paul Schulte, to travel and get Kylen to Billings, Montana, for a proper burial with her family.

The page, set up by Kylen’s aunt, Bridget Calvert described her niece as a “beautiful soul” who was “always positive”.

“Kylen’s heart has always been full of love and life and God,” the page continued.

“She was the best sister, daughter, niece and cousin. She was a true free spirit that lived for the joy in her heart not the hatred in the world.”

Bridget said the family wanted Kylen to be laid to rest with her brother, Mackeon Daniel Schulte, who died after being shot by a friend at the age of 15.

Bridget said Kylen’s “beautiful soul” was complimented by someone like Crystal.