Inside abandoned 18th-century fort built by millionaire who feared French invasion

Ben, from the Lost Adventures urban exploring team, stumbled on the 18th-century fort in North Wales by accident while trying to find an access route to a different mansion

An urban explorer has stumbled upon an 18th-century fort that once belonged to an eccentric millionaire who built it in fear of the French invading Britain.

Ben, who is part of the exploring team Lost Adventures, came across the 18th-century fort and lookout tower in North Wales by accident in July after trying to find a way into the Glynllifon mansion.

Ben says that the fort and lookout tower were built by its wealthy owner who had them made in fear of the French invading.

The video was filmed in July after the team decided to go exploring.

He explained: “We actually went to see if we could find a way into Glynllifon mansion but while failing to do so after hearing opera singing coming out the mega-mansion, we spotted on google maps that we were within walking distance of what looked like an overgrown house.

“After doing some research, we found that it was actually an 18th-century fort and lookout tower.

“When we spotted the place, we knew we had found something amazing.

“At first we couldn’t find a way in as lots of the doors are sealed up, but luckily one door is still open and you can access the rest of the fort through that door.

“We were in disbelief as we walked around the historic building and we even came across the old loom machines.

“It blew our mind how something with so much history can be unloved and uncared for.

“North Wales is a special place for us as we have explored some of our favourite places in this area.

“The best part of this exploration was finding the old loom machines for sure.

“We do feel on edge when we are walking into an unknown abandoned building as there could be someone who has just given up in life and stopped maintaining their property still living inside.

“But it is exciting.”

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Its surroundings may be beautiful, but it is said to be haunted and one of the spookiest places to go in the area.

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Jamie Osborne and Michael Cosgrove explored the building in the summer of 2020, but when they entered the building it was freezing cold and they could see their breath in the air.

Low temperatures have often been associated with hauntings or psychic energy – although to be fair, it’s also part and parcel of living in Scotland.